As film editors, we make and remember countless decisions. We understand what happens if we re-order scenes or even frames.

We are the director’s partner for the better part of the film-making process. We help them come to conclusions and keep them focused on the essence.

We’re their shoulder to cry on and we dish out hard criticism if required, to make the film better - because the film is bigger than us.

We’re there from pre-production to post, choosing the right camera, going over the script, grading & mixing.

Only then can we truly EDIT a film.


Adam's older brother was killed in a car crash a year ago. His family has not been the same since. As his parents struggle to cope with their grief, Adam (10), plagued with guilt over his brother's death feels he is all alone in the world. But everything changes the day he meets Abulele. The Abulele are ancient monsters, bear-sized. Local legends tell that they are extremely dangerous, but in fact, they turn out to be quite friendly and playful creatures. Abulele quickly becomes Adam's best and most secret friend. Together, they outsmart Adam's mean schoolteacher and beat the class bullies.